Why does Amore Nostrum has Conduct Code?

Be aware of the mandatory rules. This rules exists to ensure the good level of service, between the client and Amore Nostrum, so that everything is legal, ethical and moral.

What is the "profile" of the Amore Nostrum client? There are people with entirely different motivations of each other?

Most Amore Nostrum's customers seeks a partnership, other are looking for a wedding. A minority, about 15% are looking only for a stable dating. Some people are looking for a second chance of success in love, after a unhappy or failed marriage. Some clients have a clear idea about their "Soul-Mate", others do not. To choose the person that we will share a life is perhaps the most important decision of a lifetime. Fortunately, Amore Nostrum has enough experience in the field of human relations and this allows us to help clients clarify their desires.

Will i find other people (customers) when i am in the Amore Nostrum facilities?

No, because we make a previous schedule. Thus, all consultations (analysis or psychology) and  presentations are scheduled in advance for each of our customers. In addition, all Amore Nostrum offices are located in office buildings, to maintain the desired discretion. We consider that's important that our customers feel at ease to enjoy a confidential service.

Information about me to be disclosed to third parties?

The Amore Nostrum does not disclose your personal information such as name, date of birth, address, workplace or telephone contacts to third parties (other customers). We understand that this type of information must be provided by you and only when you wish. As you should understand, the opposite is also true.

To enroll, you must have great economic power?

We have several and affordable inscriptions and we also accept payment up to 12 months, interest-free.

How long it will take to meet the first person?

The Amore Nostrum immediately begins the process of resolving your case, scheduling the queries of psychology, making the study of compatibility and will contact you a few days after you make the registration, to meet the first person.

And if I do not like the person, what do I do?

If you reach this conclusion on presentation, adopt an elegant and sincere attitude. If desired, say that you will make a decision and then transmit to your Consultant. In a delicate way, Amore Nostrum will forward the decision to the other person. If you reach this conclusion during a period of mutual use of sincerity and communicate that conclusion to your personal consultant, then we will schedule another presentation, where you can meet a new person that is more to your liking.

I'm still not completely free, because my divorce is not concluded. Can i sign up?

Yes you can, if the process of divorce has already initiated and a court document that proves it is available. This way, we avoid time-consuming bureaucratic acts.

Can I choose my Consultant?

Amore Nostrum has several consultants. We give our customers the possibility to choose the professional you prefer.

Where will i meet my "Soul-Mate"?

By default, the presentations are performed in our offices, where two people can talk, presented face-to-face and then leave together or not, depending on your wishes.

I consider myself a very picky person and there are aspects that are mandatory for me. Does Amore Nostrum has people that meet my requirements?

Sure. We have thousands of customers all with specific requirements and conditions. We work daily in order to meet these requirements and we do it successfully, already since 2003.

Where does Amore Nostrum get people?

Amore Nostrum selects people within our group of clients, from people who contact us pretending to be invited, directed by the general public or in private listings. Anyway, we select for you people by a rigorous selection process (will be interviewed by your Consultant and will have a consultation with our psychology department). In order to perform a presentation is made??, on average, several tens of interviews.

How does the process of bringing together people works?

The first encounter with the person chosen is always performed in our facilities in the presence of a Psychologist or Consultant. Customers receive a lot of information about the profile of the person who will know, even the physical characteristics. In the case of the person authorizes us to show his/her picture before the presentation, we do it. Before the first presentation occurs, it will happen a work of collecting information with the client about their own characteristics and also about the desired profile to your Soul-Mate. The combination of these data result in a compatibility study, presenting the customer with the most compatible profiles with your case.

After my consultation can i already consider myself, customer of Amore Nostrum?

Not yet. Query analysis serves to Amore Nostrum know the type of person you seek; in short, to know your case. If we accept your case, you can then enroll in the various registrations that Amore Nostrum puts at your disposal.

What kind of rules are important to follow?

To protect your interests and Amore Nostrum's, some rules must be followed.

As an example, in the Appointments and Presentations, an ethical and moral behavior, polite language, a good appearance and also respect for all people, are mandatory (active standards).

On the other hand, the client must assume the reservation to third parties, of all kinds of documents, contacts, procedures, people and information in general related to the agency (passive standards). These standards seek to protect the integrity of Amore Nostrum and the people involved.

Why do the services provided by Amore Nostrum need a Contract?

Because the Contract is the document that legitimizes and makes legal the act of service that   Amore Nostrum provides, identifying the rights and obligations of each party. Thus, both parties define a compromise and rules of conduct that will ensure the success of your initiative.

What's the "Soul-Mate"?

Your "Soul-Mate" is the person you idealize for dating or marriage. Can be defined as a person who meets the physical, social, emotional and psychological features you demand, and has two other very particular characteristics: it is also free and is also looking for you.

How will I be introduced to my "Soul-Mate"?

Presentations are always carried out within the premises of the Amore Nostrum agencies and within the presence of one of our consultants. The Consultant is present only at the beginning of the presentation and then absents himself to another room so that both people can talk with each other.

When does the contract ends?

You may request the termination of the contract when you come to the conclusion that, in fact, you already found your "Soul-Mate" and the other party manifests the same will. We wish you many joys and happy moments. You can also request to terminate the contract at any time you want, regardless of whether or not found your "Soul-Mate". This frees the fulfillment of active standards before the agency, but remains the bound to fulfill the confidentiality standards, under penalty of legal action. The contract may also be terminated unilaterally by the agency, in case of disobedience or breach of active or passive standards contained in the Code of Conduct Amore Nostrum.

After all, what will I earn?

You will meet someone "special", which also want a serious and long-term relationship. We provide you with a positive change in your love life that is certainly a very important milestone in your life. Moreover, it has the assurance that the whole process took place in a professional and confidential way.

Will i need the Amore Nostrum to meet someone?

The inscription on Amore Nostrum lets you enjoy professional help in finding your Soul-Mate, thus increasing your chances of finding someone, since it will meet people within the profile you decide.

How does Amore Nostrum has made sure that the people who will introduce me match my ideal of ?Soul-Mate??

Your profile of "Soul-Mate" will be defined by yourself, while the Amore Nostrum decide whether or not to accept your case. In case we accept, will be chosen for your presentations people who fit the profile of your "Soul-Mate". We have a database with over 13,000 customers and we join dozens of couples a day.

Can I trust the people that Amore Nostrum presents me?

Before presenting someone, they already had a consultation with one of our consultants and with one of our psychologists, to know their personal characteristics and profile. This means that this person is identified and that has all the features you need, that's emotionally free and also seeking a serious romantic relationship. Thus, you must face the presentation with the certainty of meeting someone special for a sentimental relationship.

What are the main fears/insecurities that the people who seek Amore Nostrum feels?

The main initial fear of customers relates to the seriousness of the other customers. We can not guarantee seriousness, as a person can make us believe that has serious intentions.. However, to prevent this situation, we implemented a process: it is a process that takes time, costs money and requires several trips to our agencies. Usually people with bad intentions do not undergo these sacrifices. In addition, there is a contract for services, with rights and obligations for both customer and Amore Nostrum.

Why do I have to show my identification documents in my analysis?

Amore Nostrum wants to provide a secure and transparent service, although always within the strictest confidentiality. Thus, all persons listed have to submit Identification Documents and residency at Amore Nostrum.

What is the role of the Personal Adviser ?

The Personnel Consultant is the professional responsible for the client process within the agency. It is he who decides and interview people to be presented to our customer. So when the customer has any doubt, talks to our Consultant. Consultants are female and male. The customer can choose the consultant. Thus, the client enjoys a personalized and confidential monitoring.

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