About Us

Amore Nostrum® - Agency Matrimonial, SA.was founded in March 2003 in Oporto (Portugal), and we are all across the country in more 8 cities: Vila Real, Braga, Viseu, Coimbra, Leiria, Lisboa, Setúbal and Faro. In Spain our office is located at Vigo and our expansion will proceed to central and northern Europe and also to the United States of America.


Our services consist of Presentations of two individuals emotionally free and come of age.

The biggest goal is to achieve a long term relation, with honesty, respect and complicity.

We do not accept people who are married and people that only wants to flirt or a one night stand.

If you are single, divorced or widow, free to love and want to meet the love of your life, that's completely compatible with you, we can help.


To stand for it's principles, Amore Nostrum® created a "Conduct Code" that all customers need to obey as a prerequisite to make use of Amore Nostrum® services. All Presentations and Appointments take place in our offices so we can provide our service, privately.

Why do We Exist?

Amore Nostrum® is here to provide you with professional help so you can find your Soul Mate.


"I know lots of people..."


But do you really know them?


Our life in society is more and more demanding.


We put so much effort in our jobs, dedicating hours to get better results looking for days of peace next to the person we love...


However, family and private life are put aside and when we open our eyes... many years gone by.


Then we question ourselves about the time we had but did not make use of it...


The same happens to those who invest years in a relationship that suddenly it's over...


To many people suffer the same and will never trust someone again...


However, some never give up the search!


They feel inside too much love to give... they must found someone to love.


Stop searching in bars, clubs, parties... This is not the best way to find your soul mate.


You only get hours and hours of meaningless events, in places you don't really want to be, with people you don't relate to, willing only to find love...


Not even 10% of all the couples met in places like this... Do not waste your time.


Amore Nostrum has a success rate over 85%!


Because in Amore Nostrum, people care!


3 Simple Steps to access Amore Nostrum:


1. Analysis Appointment


2. Type of Enrollment (registration)


3. Presentations




To become client of Amore Nostrum, the first step is to contact our services by phone or email so we can schedule a Analysis Appointment.


Thus, we examine the specific case of each client in a private and depth way.


The Appointment is carried out by a Consultant (male or female) that will analyze your needs and enlight you to all questions you might have.


Amore Nostrum, can or cannot accept the client. The Consultant is bound to professional secrecy.


In the Appointment the client profile will be created and we also create the Soul Mate profile.




Client Profile Analysis


The Analysis of the client profile has the goal to know you better through a personal Consultant.


Below is a list of some personal informations that we request:


- age


- marital status (single, divorced, widow)


- children


- academic qualifications


- adress(es)


- profession


- height


- weight


- religion


- smoker or not


- most striking features of personality


- hobbies


- lifestyle and dreams


Soul Mate Profile Analysis


The client will indicate, with the help of the Consultant, the personal characteristics that he is looking for.


Some examples:


- minimum and maximum age


- residence area


- children: yes or no


- marital status: single, divorced or widow


- academic qualifications


- minimum and maximum height


- minimum and maximum weight


- religion


- smoker or not


- personality


- hobbies


- other observations you might find relevant




Amore Nostrum offers their clients various types of registrations, explained during the Analysis Appointment.


The registration is formalized through a contract where Amore Nostrum commits to serve the client through within legal criteria and the client commits to follow Amore Nostrum's "Conduct Code"


This way everything is clear and the client gets a legal document that ensures the service.


Next our Psychology Department schedules an Appointment to make a deeper analysis to the client's psychological profile.


There are many types of registrations that can differ in:


- number of Presentations


- Registration duration


- contract resolution


- value of registration, from $349,00


We accept registrations of heterosexuals, homosexuals and lesbian.




After the registration is completed, your personal Consultant will show you the selection of the first person and now it's time get the Presentation. The Presentation is always made with someone that your personal Consultant has evaluated specifically to you, but the decision is yours.


This will be scheduled days in advance, with day and time previously agreed.


It will happen in our offices in the presence of our Consultant, to ensure your privacy.


After the Presentation both parts decide if they want to meet again to know each other better. If so, the following Presentations will be put on hold.


If the two people feel that they are not soul-mates they must inform Amore Nostrum so that a new Presentation can be scheduled.

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