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Santa Ana
Shop Manager, 47, youthful, beautiful and dynamic.
Wants to find gentleman for serious relationship, between 40-50 years, autonomous and with sense of humor.
North Las Vegas
Retired teacher, 75 years, widower, educated, healthy, with serious intentions.
Plans to redo sentimental life with lady 65-75 years, polite and with principles, who likes to walk, dance.
Young designer, 34 years, good looking loves art, sports. Very human and very romantic.
Looks for a young lady to marry from 24 to 38 years, female, smart, funny, that looks for a true relationship.
Teacher, 41 years old, loyal, honest and entrepeneur. Has the dream to marry in a church.
Young lady up to 45 years old, single, beautifull, communicative, nice and with the will to grow a home based on affections and fellowship.
Teacher, 55 years old, loves to take photos and painting. Communicative and caring. Likes nature, sports, travel and cultural activities.
Lady up to 60 years old, graceful, beatiful, who wants to achieve a serious relation based on honesty, trust and love.
Stock Broker, single, 65 years old, gray, green eyes, loves contact with nature and sports.
Dreams to meet lady up to 60 years old, single, widowed, childless, with good morals and principles, to be together for eternity.
Orthopedist, 62 years old, cultured, good looking, likes to surprise and is very dedicated to the relation.
Lady, up to 65 years old, who wants to travel and enjoy all the good things the life has to offer.
Doctor, 72 years old, widower without kids. Creative, comprehensive, calm, organized and always in a good mood. Likes nature, movies, music and theatre.
Lady up to 75 years old, healthy and good looking, nice and happy, that wishes to share the life in a serious relationship.
Engineer, 54 years old, active, like sports, dance, DIY and travel.
Seeks lady 40-50 years, with good presence, independent for life in common.
Kansas City
Writer, 33, romantic, quiet, sensitive, gentle and with many dreams yet to be realized.
Want to meet a lady, 40 years, with sense of humor, calm, responsible and who wishes to build a home based on love and sharing.
Economist, 58 years old, good looking, calm, gentle and dynamic.
Wishes a serious relationship with lady up to 55 years old, female, fun, who likes theater, cinema and Sports.
Lawyer, 47, widow, simple, humble, and loves sports. Has a good sense of humor.
Dreams to know a man up to 50 years, who likes nature, who values feelings and wants to have by his side a caring, understanding woman.
Nurse, 41 years old, beatiful, great shape and nice. Likes to make sports, read, movies and travels.
Up to 48 years old gentleman, calm, charming, sense of humor, faithful and very romantic, that values family, feelings and relationships.
Waitress, 41 years old, lovable, relaxed, fighter and positive. Likes to watch movies and take walks.
Gentleman between 40 and 59 years old, honest, positive, who achives to make all the best, comprehensive. With no addictions.
Pediatrician, widower, 58, looking for a new love to remake his life. Romantic and dreamer.
Intends to meet lady, 55 years old, elegant, careful and friendly.
New Orleans
Young businessman with 30 years old, single, tall and handsome, communicative, polite, honest, happy and romantic. Had the chance of travel to many countries and meet various cultures and wishes to meet much more as a couple.
Young woman up to 38 years old, honest, gentle, ambicious, funny and responsible, who has the wish to build a home with love and care.
Kindergarten teacher, 35 years old, elegant and charming. Communicative, versatile, nice, likes to read, cultural activities and long walks on the beach.
Gentleman, up to 40 years old, tall, culturally rich and interesting. Polite, happy and who wishes a relationship based on respect, trust and mutual support.
Lady aged 50, working in healthcare, divorced, not very tall and good looking.
Dreams with a gentleman up to 60 years, good cultural level, elegant, cheerful and interested in a serious commitment.
Lady, 58 years old, widow, independent sons, happy, pleasant, strong personality with great family values. Likes to help the others. Apreciates travels, read, movies and gym.
Gentleman up to 70 years old, honest, active, worker and sensitive. Should like sports, travels, movies and theatre.
House keeper, 48 years old, divorced, great looking, optimistic, romantic and very active. In leisure likes to pratice sport, read, watch movies, listen to music and travel. Loves to walk on the sea side.
Gentleman up to 60 years old, calm, loving, faithful, romantic and that dreams with a life full of love, fellowship and friendship.
Lady Doctor, 43 years old, single, inteligent, kind, gentle and very feminine. Likes to travel, read and take walks.
Gentleman, around 57 years old, good looking with principles and a good cultural level. Nice and gentle, honest and who also as the dream to build a happy family.
Young, 27, single and childless, beautiful smile, well-prepared, thoughtful, responsible, communicative and very dedicated. Does Not like to waste time in bars. Loves to take big walks .
Dreams of finding young gentleman up to 34 years, honest and respectful that wishs a serious dating and marriage.
Teacher, 52 years old, no childs, nice, friendly, honest and dreamer. Organized and very romantic. Loves to workout at the gym, go to the beach, take walks, nature and animals.
Gentleman, up to 60 years old, with good cultural level, loving and that also likes to travel and have a serious relation.
El Paso
Widowed gentleman, 73 years, politician, gentle, elegant, with a young spirit and a good sense of humor.
Search female companion with 70 years old limit, feminine, with good moral, caring and well prepared values.
Real estate agent, 33, independent, stable, sportsman.
Looking young lady to marry from 26 to 38 years, female, smart, funny, that wishes a true relationship.
Gentleman, retired, 68 years old, honest with a strong personality, but tolerant and humble. Likes to talk about every subject, is healthy and looks for a well balanced relationship.
Graceful lady, feminine, cultured and with good mores. Must like to be at home and desire's to share a life together.
Photographic Model, 29 years, single and childless. Likes to read, walk and have fun. Believes that life only makes sense with someone by her side.
Wants a serious man, up to 33 years, educated, with good family values, who likes children and animals.
Saint Augustine
Retired real estate agent, 61, good quality of life, lover of the sea, fun and honest.
Searchs a gentleman of the same age without vices, quiet, well disposed, for serious relationship.
Television reporter, 40 years old, educated, loving, caring and thoughtful.
Wants to build a family with a lady up to 45 years, active, feminine, gentle and calm.
Nova Iorque
Young man, 30 years old, with great smile, caring and affective. Stable job as manager and with great will to have again a life together.
Lady between 30 and 40 years old, feminine, gentle, with self respect, and the dream of being happy.
Criminal investigator, 41 years, good presentation, without vices, communicative, responsible and caring. Likes nature, walking and talking.
Serious relationship with lady age 35, calm, honest and cheerful.
Teacher, 66 years old, outgoing. Loves the simple things of life and is very positive. Likes to travel, likes the beach, the country and loves to laugh.
Retired gentleman, or not, with average cultural level, good looking, good hearted, friendly, active and with sense of humor.
Retired inspector, loving and always smiling. Works as freelancer. Has no kids, willing to give love a second chance. Hates monotony, loves to walk and practice sports.
Lady up to 75 years old, elegant, pretty, strong personality, financially independent, outgoing, chatty. Must believe in love.
Los Angeles
Bank worker, 50 years old, widower, loyal, honest, financially stable, patient, hard worker. Likes to walk, go to the beach, go to the movies and be with the family.
Good valued lady, warming, clever, around the same age, caring, loyal, with respect.
TV presenter, 31, single, laborer, sociable, sensitive, likes to socialize, cook and walk outdoors.
Looking youngman, age 35, kind, loving, understanding, educated, honest, straightforward and that enjoys gardening. Has the dream to marry and found a family.
Las Vegas
Childhood Educator, 39 years old, beautiful, cultured, reserved but with entrepreneurial spirit.
Dreams to be happy alongside with a gentleman up to 45 years old, elegant, with refined image, without vices, who likes to talk and is available to give and receive love in a stable and lasting relationship.
Economist, 33 years old, respectful, determined, organized and peacefull.
lady up to 35 years, gregarious, friendly, intelligent, with initiative, to raise a family.
Bank worker, 58, divorced, with a stable job, educated, sincere and caring.
Searching a man of the same age who likes to travel, smart, simple, cultured and gentle toward serious commitment.
Santa Mônica
Baseball Coach, 36 years, communicative, sensitive, responsible and caring. Like cycling, theater, boating and playing the piano.
Wants to build a family with a lady up to 40 years, with good sense of humor, genuine, flexible and affectionate.
San Diego
Hairdresser, 36 years old, very beautiful, elegant, long hair and green eyes. Polite, friendly and very talkative.
Mr between 35 and 45 years, educated, sweet and sincere. Dreams to have children and build a home.
Woman, 52 years old, hardworking, clean, good-natured, good housewife, caring and with a big heart. Enjoys gardening, walking and watching TV.
Gentleman up to 60 years, gentle, peacefull, loving, faithful, romantic and who dreams of a relationship filled with love, companionship and friendship.
Retired Lawyer, 68, widower, elegant, with serious intentions. Likes to pamper himself and loves nature.
Intends to meet lady with age beetwen 60-65 years, polite and friendly, likes to travel and wants to share his life.
Manager, 45 years, entrepreneurial, proactive, responsible and intelligent.
Intends to meet lady to age 40, elegant, careful, sophisticated, cultured, for future relationship.
Los Angeles
Photographic model, 27, single, no kids, fun and cheerful.
Has the dream to find happiness with Mr. up to 37 years, serious and romantic with will to build a relationship.
Lady doctor, 52, elegant, sweet, romantic, stable, talkative, with ambition and cultured.
Want to meet up to 55 years old gentleman, dedicated, dynamic, with family values, who enjoys traveling, music, film and theater for future commitment based on sharing, understanding and affection.
Entrepreneur, 45, educated, sincere, sweet, honest, with spirit of adventure and very dynamic. Enjoys cooking, reading, listening to music and traveling.
It is very important that he values feelings and has the wish of a serious relationship based on love and affection.
Young woman with 26 years old, bakery worker, very organized, methodical and with the big dream of becoming a mother.
Gentleman up to 30 years old, respectful, calm, worker and that loves children and animals.
Lawyer, 28 years old, single, with 1,65m and 55kg, great looking. Likes to travel, long walks, cultural activities and go to the gym.
Wants to meet a gentleman with a 35 years old maximum, graduated, polite, entrepeneur, for a stable relationship.
Computer programmer, 39 years old, kind, romantic, intelligent, self-taught and calm.
Wants to meet lady aged 42, attractive, with sense of humor, quiet, responsible. Wants to build family.
Businessman, 45 years old, looks a lot younger, light eyes, romantic. Values family and simple things in life.
Lady with age between 30 to 40 years old, elegant, discreet, sofisticated, adventuress, free to travel and be happy.
Businesswoman, 51 years, good looking, romantic and caring.
Wants to know a man between 55-60 years, who has ideals, is dynamic and determined, to develop a solid relationship.
Model, 29 years old, unmarried, considers herself very human, romantic and extroverted.
Wants to find a soul mate. As interest to know a faithful, respectful, and true gentleman who likes animals.
Physiotherapist, divorced, 35 years old, dynamic with good presentation.
Plans to redo sentimental life with lady 30-40 years old who has not given up on finding love and dreams to be very happy.
Gambler on the Stock Exchange, 50 years, good looking and with a youthful mind, loves to travel and experience new cultures.
Wants to know a gentleman up to 60 years, widower, no dependent children and who wants to enjoy the finer things in life in a serious relationship and future.
Bank worker, 48 years old, calm, friendly, gentle, hardworking with his own house.
Looking lady up to age 55, caring, sincere and well prepared to live a great love.
Woman doctor, 35 years old, single without children. Calm, optimistic, tolerant and romantic. Has the dream of marry and grow a happy family.
Wants to meet a honest young man, that likes to walk and who wants to live a day each time and begin a relationship with small steps.
Oro Valley
Healthcare technician, 40 years, divorced, pretty well in life, communicative, romantic, serene and attentive.
Would like to meet sir to age 40, who still believes in love and dreams to be happy in a relationship.
Medical therapist, 48 years old, very pretty and feminine. She loves music and plays the violin as a hobby.
Wants to meet a gentleman, 55, to share the love for music and who loves to dance.
Racing car driver, 26 years, beautiful, elegant, with good sense of humor and entrepreneur.
Wants to know a lady up to 30 years, elegant, beautiful, and sensitive with maternal instinct.
Economist, 33 years old, single, calm, honest and professionally stable,
Gentleman up to 35 years, cult, understanding, who likes to play sports and who wants to build a happy family.
Criminal investigator, 46 years old, curious, perfectionist, sincere, romantic, smart and very affectionate.
Want to know an honest man, 55 years old, who has the dream of having a home filled with love and peace.
Computer technician, 37 years, 1.78m, 75Kg, dark skin, dreamy, sensitive and applied.
Would like to meet serious and sweet young lady up to 40 years old, with or without children, to date or marriage.
Doctor, 31 years old, good looking, sociable, loving, reserved, humorous and dreamer. Loves to travel, go to the movies, live music, sea, children and animals.
Young man up to 35 years old, with a wish to begin a family.
Graduated young girl, 25 years old, unmarried, childless, friendly, sincere, dreamy, organized and very romantic. Loves the gym, beach, sightseeing, nature and animals.
Looks for a young man, up to 32 years, worker, with sense of responsibility and organization, practical, sociable, able to love and believe in a stable relationship.
Baseball player, 45 years old, divorced, educated, cultured, fun and well presented.
Has the dream to meet lady 35-50 years old, elegant, friendly, lively, who likes to travel and who want to be happy at his side.
Gentleman, 43 years old, widower, discreet, humble, hard worker, no addictions, financially stable and always in a good mood. Likes to walk, go to the movies and values family and feelings.
Looks for a lady up to 48 years old, nice, good moral values, who whats a serious realtion based on honesty, love and loyalty.
Tennis coach, 31 years old, honest, organized, and dedicated with much love to give.
I intend to meet lady up to 36 years, understanding, polite, generous for future relationship.
Commercial Manager, 55 years, divorced, cultured, educated, good presentation, loves playing sports, enjoys traveling and gardening.
Dreams to meet gentleman up to 50 years, free, sincere, honest, romantic, with self-esteem, who wants to share his life and be happy.
Engineer, 62 years old, great cultural level, nice, chatty, romantic, good cook and perfeccionist. Likes travels, movies, read and beach.
Lady, up to 67 years old, average height, chatty, cultured, feminine, sensible and with life goals well defined.
Writer, 30 years, single, likes to travel, and literature.
Looking for a stable relationship, with a lady between 25-35 years, and who has the same tastes.
Psychologist, 55 years, educated, with good social position, well presented, professionaly stable and a great love for travels.
Wants to know sir, 45-58 years, with superior education, intelligent, sociable and caring for living a beautiful love story.
Gentleman, 64 years old, likeable, good looking. Likes soccer, movies, music and travels.
Lady up to 70 years old, young spirit, honest, loving, with similar interests, to have a serious and long relationship.
Nova Orleães
CFO, 52 years, 1.82m, divorced, stable life. With good sense of humor, sincere and romantic.
Wants to find lady up to 53 years old, cheerful, communicative, smart, beautiful, to be happy.
São José
Journalist, 47, divorced, beautiful, sincere with a strong personality.
Wants to meet a gentleman within the same age, faithful, romantic and well-disposed that believes and dreams to live a great love.
Nurse, 48 years old, beautiful, smart. Likes to read and loves the sea.
Gentleman, up to 55 years old, gentle, caring, honest, romantic. Should dream to be happy in a relationship.
Steward, 39, divorced with no children, excellent presentation, dynamic, ambitious, fun and responsible.
Looking for a lady 20 to 39 years, elegant, beautiful, intelligent and outgoing, for marriage.
Kindergarten teacher 53 years old, great look, cautious, responsible, sensible. Loves to travel, eat in good restaurants, go out, music, photography. Has the dream to visit all Europe.
Gentleman, up to 60 years old, good sense of humor, caring and family values, morally right, that values feelings and dream to have by his side a caring person.
Pediatritian, 43 years old, kind, entrepeneur, supportive and well organized. In free times, loves to travel, chat and practive yoga.
Lady, up to 55 years old, nice, happy, good moral values and that wants a serious relation.
Merchant, 57, divorced, with a stable, honest and respectful life.
Intends to meet lady, 55 years old, friendly, serious and a committed partner for the future.
Santa Ana
Manager of Human Resources, 57, with good presentation, shy, devoted and good person.
Dreams of finding a gentleman aged up to 68 years old, gentle, good shape to a future relationship.
Teacher, 43 years old, playful, loyal, punctual, supportive, loves animals, sports, cooking and chating. As hobby, likes to participate in marathons and take long walks.
Lady, up to 46 years old, simple, feminine, that values family and the traditional values, and looks for a serious relationship.
Long Beach
Hospitality industry entrepreneur, 47, divorced, dynamic, educated and with good presentation.
Intends to meet lady 40-50 years, with posture and principles and foremost interested in a serious relationship.